Monday, February 1, 2010

making the front switch panel

so i have all this extra plexi glass, so i figured why not..
so after scrapping 3 attempts i have finally turned out something i like, again got the switches at Tanners, might be overkill for this, but oh well, better than the cheapy green plastic ones.
shown here, clear with the switches and two amber leds running at 2.25v (test supply is 4.5v, final will be 5v = 2X-2.5v)
then with the paint on the back, i think it adds a nice effect, and matched the original Zenith trim bezel


  1. Wow, this is totally cool. Jimmy you are amazingly talented.

  2. wow, thanks.... and i thought i could have done better on the switch panel...

  3. just another example of a red neck with too much time on his hands!! :-) Hows the bus coming tough guy?