Monday, February 1, 2010

Zenith Console Streamer

so i have this old radio, it was my grandfathers, since i have been alive it has sat un-working in the living room. he always talked about fixing it, we even went on all-day expeditions through old warehouses looking for just that right part, catalog, or schematic, needless to say we never did find it so this beautiful piece of history just sat collecting dust.
i have always wanted to make it work in some faction, my grandfather was a filmmaker and as part of those skills he was wiz with electronics, made me a light up robot costume when i was 6 (it was cool to be the only kid in the 80's whose home made costume lit up) i would give anything to have inherited his parts and pieces, it filled 2 car garage with little bins and parts..
anyway, about 11 years agao now he passed on, and 5 years later his son gave me the radio.
and again 5 years later i finally gathered all the parts to convert it into a working MP3 jukebox / streamer

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